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Family owned and operated home care company.
We care for you and your loved ones like our own family.

Local: 613-518-8258
Toll free: 1-855-844-5483


Why We Pay Living Wages

Caregivers are leaving home care because of poor wages. We are different. Freiheit Care recently became a certified Living Wage…
Online Shopping

Shopping Online

Our guide to shopping online will help you avoid the risks and even find some gems! Shopping online can help…
Favourite Recipes

Our Favourite Recipes

Our favourite recipes I love food! In our weekly coffee morning, the conversations have often returned to food, maybe because…
Blog Features

Our Response to COVID-19

The health and well being of everyone is exceedingly important. We care about our customers, our staff, and everyone’s families…

What is Polypharmacy?

Polypharmacy, defined as the simultaneous use of medications to treat the same ailment, is plaguing our older adult population. It…
Palliative Care

Palliative Care At Home

Palliative care is the term that refers to the care given to individuals experiencing severe, life-limiting illness. Also known as…

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138 Moresby Dr
Kanata, ON, K2M 2E4

About Us

We are a family business, based in Ottawa. We are dedicated not only to giving you premium quality care, but also to valuing and investing in our staff. We believe you will notice the difference when you choose to work with us.