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The health and well being of everyone is exceedingly important. We care about our customers, our staff, and everyone’s families and loved ones.

It goes without saying that we are following all medical directives to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Here we have outlined some of the measures we are taking as as response to COVID-19, and some options available to you.

Physical distancing works and our Deluxe Program gives you peace of mind that your caregiver or caregivers ONLY look after you.

They do not work with any other customers or in care homes.

On top of this they follow all the standard guidelines outlined below.

Protective Measures

Both our caregiver and our customer will complete any actions required by public health beforehand.

Some preventative measures that we are taking include:

  • All our staff are trained in how to use and remove PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • All our staff use PPE during visits.
  • All our staff self screen for COVID-19 symptoms before each visit.
  • We ask all our customers to self screen before visits for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • The vast majority of our team are fully vaccinated. You can request that you only receive care from people who are fully vaccinated if this is important to you.
  • All intake assessments are done virtually, unless a physical examination is necessary.
Covid Precautions

our home care services

During this pandemic we know you want to reduce the risk of infection. That’s why our number one package offers exclusive caregivers, who only work with one client.

About Us

We are a family business, based in Ottawa. We are dedicated not only to giving you premium quality care, but also to valuing and investing in our staff. We believe you will notice the difference when you choose to work with us.

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