Our Response to Covid-19

The health and well being of everyone is exceedingly important. We care
about our customers, our staff, and everyone’s families and loved ones.

It goes without saying that we are following all medical directives to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Here we have outlined some of the measures we are taking as as response to COVID-19, and some options available to you.

Physical distancing works and our Deluxe Program gives you peace of mind that your caregiver or caregivers ONLY look after you.

They do not work with any other customers or in care homes.

On top of this they follow all the standard guidelines outlined below.

Changes To Our Services

Outside of our Deluxe Program, we have restricted our in-person offerings to include ONLY medically necessary non-elective services, until further notice. We may ask for a medical order from an attending physician that our service is medically necessary before we provide it.

We continue to offer other services such as delivery of groceries and errands which do not require personal contact. Please call us if you require this service. It is billed at the caregiver rates (the lowest cost rates we have), plus a visit fee.

Protective Measures

Both our caregiver and our customer will complete any actions required by public health beforehand.

Some preventative measures that we are taking include:

  • All our staff are trained in how to use and remove PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).
  • All our staff use PPE during visits.
  • All our staff self screen for COVID-19 symptoms before each visit.
  • We screen all our customers before visits for COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Our staff do not work in homes where COVID has been confirmed.
  • Outside of our Deluxe Program we have stopped offering some services. This is to minimize person-to-person contact by Caregivers who see multiple customers.

Our Response to COVID-19.

Reducing Social Isolation

We know that isolation is real and we want our care for you to continue. Our supportive care options, which are FREE OF CHARGE, continue. In fact, we are increasing our free online offerings. You will see more webinars, online concerts and virtual get-togethers coming soon.

We invite everyone to take part in these as a way to expand and to maintain your community. Maybe you’ll make some new friends too! You’ll have the opportunity to take part in interesting (we hope!) and interactive discussions that may make this time of social isolation a little more bearable.

If you have topics you would like us to cover, please let us know. We’re eager to hear from you.

our home care services

During this pandemic we know you want to reduce the risk of infection. That’s why our number one package offers exclusive caregivers, who only work with one client.

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