Comprehensive Quality Home Care

As a family business we know that choosing quality nursing or home care is a big decision. This is why we want you to take the time to find out about us. Here you can see what makes us different, why you can trust our team of medical professionals, and how our quality care stands out. Please contact us today as our team would  be happy to answer any questions you may have about us. Our wide range of services guarantee that you will have comprehensive quality home care, however your needs change.


“Freiheit” is a German word meaning freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to live. Our motto is “Be Free to Live”. We desire that you be free to live your life to its fullest. We want to help you to live your life lavishly, in a fulfilled and happy way that is as free as possible from any health or physical challenges.

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We are a dedicated team of Caregivers. We give professional care, and we care about you personally. We seek to make the best of human compassion and person-to-person support available to you. We use the benefits of modern medicine and technology as much as these can help. We are flexible. If you need a service, we’ll provide it if at all possible. Just call us and ask. We want to simplify your life and we’ll take care of the issue whether it be personal, something for loved ones, or for the care of your property.


Our vision is to live in a country where all of us can get the help we need, where and when we need it, so that our personal and medical needs are met. This vision is not inexpensive. We do not seek to provide the lowest-cost care. Instead, we seek to give you the best value for the best care available.

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At Freiheit, we know what good care looks like. Like you, we want you to have the best possible care. We want you to experience freedom from rationing. We want to leave behind the waiting lists and the rushed nature of care. That’s why we’re funded by our customers instead of by public funds. Our model allows you the choice to pay to receive the care you want.



We are medical professionals who provide home care. All our care is overseen by Registered Nurses so you are in the best hands. Our background is in operating rooms, hospitals, clinics, long term care homes and doctors offices. We know the Canadian health system because we’ve helped patients in it for decades. Our view and our expertise is medical first. All of our customers have access to a Registered Nurse and their progress is reviewed regularly by our nursing team. That service is included free of charge for all customers. We believe that as health professionals, we have a responsibility to work hand-in-hand with our customers’ family doctors and their wider care team to make sure our customers get the best results. We’re part of a larger team that has a single focus: our customers’ well being. We use our medical expertise and our insider knowledge of the health system to advance our customers’ best interests.


We seek long-term relationships with our customers and we have the ability to accompany them through all stages of aging. Our comprehensive quality home care services provide the full range of services from companion care and housekeeping through to palliative care. We know change can be hard, so with Freiheit Care we can adapt our plans with you as your needs change. This continuity of care is one less thing for you to worry about.


Quality staff are our most important asset. Every home care company says that. Here’s how we do that: We have people who work in health care because it is their personal calling and their passion, not just a job. Wages in the home care industry are infamous for being very low and it is often hard for companies to keep quality staff. We are different. We pay premium wages so that all our team earn more than a living-wage. We also offer benefits. We provide staff with the cell phone technology they need to do their work with excellence. We pay our staff full wages for time spent on-the-job, even if that is just time spent waiting in traffic between customers. We train our staff and help to keep them up-to-date in their professional fields. Our staff are important and we look after them. When you become our customer, your investment in their profession will return to you as a premium-level experience.


Our care staff are our employees. That means, as the employer, we bear the legal responsibility for their actions. The safety of our customers is crucial. Here are some of the steps we take to ensure this: All members of our care team are bonded and insured. Their vaccines are up-to-date. They have passed vulnerable person police checks. Hopefully our customers will never need it, but we carry full liability insurance so that we can look after customers just-in-case. Sometimes we may hire contractors on a customer’s behalf, for example if a customer needs help with home renovations. For such a task we will work with experts who we trust and who our customers approve. These people would be contractors, not employees and we ensure that they carry their own insurance. It’s our corporate responsibility to make sure that our customers are happy.


Technology is amazing and we want our customers to benefit from it. We use a state-of-the art home care platform called Alayacare. Visit their website and get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes infrastructure that supports our customers. It’s the benefit of millions of dollars of investment, all focused on helping our customers to be free to live. We also believe that email communication is important because it’s fast, yet we understand the privacy risks. That’s why we provide a free encrypted email account to all regular customers. When our caregivers are at a customer’s home, we use the encrypted Zoom.us video conference platform to bring the Registered Nurse (RN) along on the visit, virtually, when needed. This allows the RN to work more efficiently when supported by another caregiver who is with the customer. We can even ‘zoom in’ a family member or a friend . This brings the benefits and the efficiencies of virtual care to our customers. It helps the customer, their family and us to remain united.


We don’t just do home care: we offer comprehensive quality home care. We are a one-stop provider of most services a person needs to live life fully. We can provide care concierge services, coordinate and schedule home maintenance, shopping trips or food delivery and social outings. We can make sure that pets are cared for, or help to take them to the veterinarian. We care for our customers wherever “home” is. That could be the same family home where they have lived for decades, a retirement home, a long-term care home, or even in hospital. Whatever our customers need, we’ll go above and beyond to help.


Choose Comprehensive Quality Home Care

If you’re looking for a home care provider, think about what these ‘premium’ benefits mean to you. You’re worth it. We offer a free consultation and we’ll design a plan that will help you or your loved one live their life to the fullest. Even if you don’t have private insurance, you may be surprised at how affordable our packages can be. It’s all about giving our customers the value they deserve. Life is precious. Be free to live it fully! You can choose to become our customer.

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