Our Response to COVID-19

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The health and well being of everyone is exceedingly important. We care about our customers, our staff, and everyone’s families and loved ones.

It goes without saying that we are following all medical directives to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Here we have outlined some of the measures we are taking as as response to COVID-19, and some options available to you.


What is Polypharmacy?

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Polypharmacy, defined as the simultaneous use of medications to treat the same ailment, is plaguing our older adult population. It is estimated that 30-40% of seniors take 5 or more medications.


Simple Tips to Promote Independence for Seniors

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Independence does not need to waiver as you get older. Older adults are at risk of becoming dependent on their caregiver to maintain their quality of life. As caregivers, it is our job to encourage seniors to do as much as they are capable of in order to promote their independence.

7 Simple Home Organization Tips For Seniors

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Home organization makes aging in place safer and easier for yourself or your aging loved one. We’ve compiled a list of 7 simple organization tips that can make your life at home easier and more organized while you continue to live independently.