Free Webinars For Seniors

Our free webinars are designed for seniors to access valuable information from the comfort of your own home – for FREE! We invite an expert to speak on a topic that is important to you.


Zoom Video Conferencing Training

Who: This is designed for everyone!

Purpose: Do you want to stay in touch with family and friends but don't know how to use the technology?

As we are all required to maintain social distancing, online technology has become increasingly important.

This training will not only equip you to use the technology yourself, but we hope that you will also be able to train others!

This training will be ongoing throughout the coming months. Register for more details.

When: Ongoing

Cost: FREE

Where: In your living room

Staying Safe from COVID-19

Who: Dr. Mark Reimer, Co-Founder of Freiheit Care Inc.

Purpose: Answer all your questions about COVID-19

Do you have questions about COVID-19 and want to know more than you have read in the media? Dr. Mark Reimer will discuss the risks, what actions you can take to stay safe, and how to act if you think you may have been infected. He will also review some of the current scientific literature on the topic as researchers try to find a cure or effective treatments.

We are only hosting this webinar online to reduce the risk of infection.

When: Tuesday March 31 2020 at 7pm

Cost: FREE

Where: In your living room through Zoom.us

Virtual Coffee Morning

Who: Everyone is invited!

Purpose: Social distancing doesn't mean we can't be social! Freiheit Care Inc. invites you to join us for some interesting conversations and a chance to make new friends, from the security of your own home.

You bring the coffee and the conversations, we just facilitate it. Nothing will be recorded and this is a great opportunity to stay connected during the pandemic.

When: By popular demand these will happen every Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.

Cost: FREE (but you provide the refreshments!)

Where: In your living room through Zoom.us

Moon at Noon: A free online concert

Who: Everyone is invited!

Purpose: Music is good for the soul! Jacob Moon is known for his giftedness as a singer, songwriter of award-winning pop and folk songs. He is also a master of the art of ‘live looping’, a performance style where he records what he’s playing in real time and layers sound on sound to make one guitar sound like an orchestra. Artists like Rush, Marillion and Gordon Lightfoot have taken a shine to Moon’s renditions of their songs and have lavished him with praise and a spotlight that has gained him international attention.

When: Wednesday, April 1 at noon (EDT)

Cost: FREE

Where: In your living room through Zoom.us and Facebook Live

Staying Safe

Who: Steve Burton, VP of Business Development, Red Dot Personal Alert Solutions

Purpose: Learn more about different personal notification devices and how they can increase independence.

Freiheit Care is delighted to host a discussion about the different types of personal notification devices available on the market to help people remain independent, active and healthy. This will be a fun interactive workshop and webinar where people can view or feel and play with the different products and gain a greater appreciation of the unique benefits of each device. This webinar is not only for people interested in the devices for their personal use but also for families and caregivers to gain a greater understanding of tools available to help with their peace of mind, knowing their loved ones are safe. Don’t miss out of what technology has to offer, it is truly remarkable.


When: TBC - rescheduled

Cost: FREE

Transitioning Into Retirement Living

Who: Geraldine Dixon, Business Development Manager, Chartwell Retirement Residence

Purpose: Learn more about different personal notification devices and how they can increase independence.

We are pleased to have Geraldine present to us on the important things to consider when transitioning into retirement living. Moving into a retirement community can relieve stress related to scheduling transportation to appointments, worrying about meal preparation and reducing household chores, as well as offer a range of activities and social connections. This workshop and webinar will be an open discussion about the needs within the community and available resources. Furthermore, Geraldine will discuss key factors to consider when developing a plan for transitioning into a retirement community. Don’t miss the inside scope on retirement living, the real story.


When: April 2020

Cost: FREE

Where: Either in your living room through Zoom.us or at our Head Office, Ottawa

Unwrapping Palliative Care

Who: Kelly Shaw, BScB, MScN, Freiheit Care Inc.

Purpose: Understanding palliative care.

We are pleased to have Kelly present to us on the topic of palliative care. Often palliative care can be misunderstood for deteriorating conditions with chronic illness. Part of this discussion will be defining what palliative care means and types of treatment options there are at the end of life.

Discussion points will include:

  • What does "Do Not Resuscitate or DNR" mean?
  • Refusal or withdrawal of treatment
  • Refusal of food and drink
  • Palliative sedation
  • Medical assistance in dyin

Come join us for a vibrant discussion on palliative care.

When: May 2020

Cost: FREE

Where: Either in your living room through Zoom.us or at our Head Office, Ottawa


Fall Prevention

Who: Spencer Rodd, Kinesiologist

Purpose: This seminar looked at how you can prevent falls and also explored different accessibility options for you or loved ones.

Spencer presented on fall prevention strategies and discussed some solutions and possible funding options. These strategies are practical and can be easily implemented in everyday life. Spencer’s background is in kinesiology and he has a wealth of knowledge on the topic of fall prevention. Spencer now works for Silver Cross.

Tax Tips

Who: Lorne A. Cutler, P.Eng., MBA, LAC & Associates Consulting

Purpose: This seminar covered over 25 tax tips, including such topics as:

  • Maximizing your medical deductions, including the rules for claiming retirement or nursing home deductions
  • The Disability Tax Credit
  • How to defer your property taxes if you still own your own home
  • How to get the most out of your charitable giving regardless of your income
  • How family caregivers can maximize their tax benefits
  • The benefits of pension splitting.



Dementia Care

Who: Dean Henderson, Director of Client/Clinical Services from The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County.

Purpose: Provide an overview of the brain, dementia, and aging. The aim is to equip you to understand the warning signs and develop strategies for supporting a person living with dementia.

Handout: This useful guide is a free resource for you to keep.


Dementia Care Video

Activities in Motion

Who: Meg Stickl, Activities in Motion

Purpose: This interactive seminar gave practical ways to keep healthy, no matter your age your disability.