Free Webinars For Seniors

Our free webinars are designed for seniors to access valuable information from the comfort of your own home – for FREE! We invite an expert to speak on a topic that is important to you.


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Who: Lorne A. Cutler, P.Eng., MBA, LAC & Associates Consulting

Purpose: This seminar covered over 25 tax tips, including such topics as:

  • Maximizing your medical deductions, including the rules for claiming retirement or nursing home deductions
  • The Disability Tax Credit
  • How to defer your property taxes if you still own your own home
  • How to get the most out of your charitable giving regardless of your income
  • How family caregivers can maximize their tax benefits
  • The benefits of pension splitting.



Who: Dean Henderson, Director of Client/Clinical Services from The Dementia Society of Ottawa and Renfrew County.

Purpose: Provide an overview of the brain, dementia, and aging. The aim is to equip you to understand the warning signs and develop strategies for supporting a person living with dementia.

Handout: This useful guide is a free resource for you to keep.


Dementia Care Webinar